goose, geese, snow goose, ducks, mallard, snow geese, speckly belly, wood duck, canadian goose, waterfowl, wetlands, DU, Michigan, Missouri

goose, geese, snow goose, ducks, mallard, snow geese, speckly belly, wood duck, canadian goose, waterfowl, wetlands, DU, Michigan, Missouri

Goose, Duck and Other Waterfowl Hunting FAQ's 


What model and brand of gun should I get for hunting geese and ducks?
There are many models of guns out there that are good for this purpose that range in price and quality. Some guns are pump action while others are semi-auto. We recommend the semi-auto style 12 gauge guns with due to the fact that you do not have to pull off the target to rack the next shell. Remington, Benelli, and Browning are good brands to choose from.

Do I need a Plug in My Gun?
YES, you are allowed only 3 rounds in your gun for duck and goose hunting. Most guns come with a plug when you buy them. Be sure to ask for a plug if you are buying a used gun.

What type of ammo should I purchase?
Be sure to purchase ammo that will work in your gun. Ask your local sports shop what size shells you can use with your gun. For early duck and goose seasons, we recommend a larger shot count round. Typically a 3 or 4 shot. In the cold seasons, we recommend a heavier, less shot round. Typically a 1, 2 or BB shot.

What type of waterfowl camouflage should I use?
Find out what type of conditions you will be hunting in. Shadow Grass or DU Brand Camo is a good all around camo for early season hunting in wetland areas. Snow camo is suggested for late season and spring hunts when snow is on the ground. Be sure to use a layered system that is waterproof. Waders are also recommended for wetlands hunting.

How do I know what kind of ducks I am shooting at?
Your guide will instruct you on what birds you can shoot at, however, be sure to pick up that state's rules and regulations booklet or bird identification manual. These typically have waterfowl types listed in them and how to identify them. 

How do I determine if a bird is in range to shoot?
Your guide will call the shots when the birds are in range. Typically 30-40 yards is the maximum distance you can affectively shot birds at. 


Where in the US are the best waterfowl hunting locations?
The US has what are called Major Fly Ways. These are the routes that waterfowl fly to reach their winter or spring destinations. Most sports shops will carry a Fly Way map illustrating these routes and the types of birds that take them. All our guided hunts are directly located in the middle of Major Fly Ways and provide some of this nations best waterfowl hunting!

When is the best time to hunt ducks or geese?
Usually at daybreak and just before sunset. You will be amazed by the number of birds that wear watches and know the exact time when shooting hours end and fly right over your blind though. Rest assured though that you will have plenty of shooting during the morning or afternoon hunts! We've had superb hunts for ducks and geese in both Sept. and  Jan. over the past few years in Michigan and our Missouri hunts have also been fantastic! Take a look at some of our most recent hunting photos on our HUNTS PAGE. 

With the recent acquisition of Missouri flooded fields, we expect a truly phenomenal season packed with fast and furious action! Be sure to contact us soon while we have spots still open for these new hunts. keep in mind that is can get pretty cold and snowy in Michigan During Jan.

Can I bring My Dog?
We allow you or members of your party to bring dogs. Please remember that the other members of your party are paying for their hunt as well. If your dog is not well trained or is not obedient enough, you may want to consider leaving them home.

What about mixing hunting parties or small group hunts?

Unlike most outfitters, we only send out parties of 4 people and we DO NOT mix hunting parties. We believe in providing the best quality hunt you can get.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and to sign up for your next hunt.

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goose, geese, snow goose, ducks, mallard, snow geese, speckly belly, wood duck, canadian goose, waterfowl, wetlands, DU, Michigan, Missouri